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Hi There! Thanks for Checking Out My Site… | WENDY BURBRIDGE
Not Your Average HR Gal

Hi There! Thanks for Checking Out My Site…

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Welcome to WendyBurbridge.com. I created this website primarily as a medium to share my blog, but also wanted to provide additional resource that I refer to in my articles, as well as in my  book, 30 Reasons You Didn’t Get Hired.

You may enjoy the content here if you are looking for a job, work in HR, would like to work in HR, going on an interview, looking for personal development tools, or still trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up.

If you’d like to hear my interview with KSRO’s Ask the Experts: Career Conversations, then click this link to hear my thoughts on breaking into HR, and how bringing creativity to work inspires others.