The first thing I discuss with my 1:1 coaching clients is their goal, so I understand what they want.

The second thing I discuss with them is their WHY.

Why does it matter?

Is it worth the work?

Do they just like the idea of the goal or are they really willing to commit to going all in?

The reason their WHY has to be significant is because X will always be there.

X= Your Struggle
X= Your Urges
X= Your Momentary Desire
X= Wanting a Cupcake or Wine that isn’t part of your plan
X= Every excuse you’ve given yourself to let yourself off the hook!

Here’s the good news– it doesn’t matter what your WHY is as long as it matters to you.

But you must have a reason to change so you can make the right choices even when you face an X. 💕

If you’d like help getting clear on your WHY. Click here to schedule a solution session with me, so we can uncover if you are ready to make a change.

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