4 Things I did to drop 6.4 Pounds in 30 Days

If you’ve been following me the last month on Facebook or Instagram, you know I dropped 6.4 lbs in 30 days in my #massiveactionmarch challenge. 👊 I wanted to post today to share what I did to get these results.

However, I have to preface this by saying this is what worked for me and my body. I always advocate for my clients to do what works for them. They could certainly try my way of eating to see if it made sense for them, but my goal is to always help anyone intuitively understand what works best for their individual body, feels great, and makes the weight loss process enjoyable- YES I just said it SHOULD BE ENJOYABLE!❤️

So here’s what I did:

1. Quit Overeating

 I quit emotional eating, binge eating, and eating for non-hunger events. This is huge and I actually did a Facebook live one day where I just felt like a$$ and showed how I was able to change my thoughts to get a new result. While this seems just like one item on a list of many things it’s actually the most important. The greatest learning for me in this process wasn’t about eating differently, it was about changing my relationship with myself, with food, with the scale, and learning that I am not my thoughts, I am the watcher of my thoughts. 🤯

2. Track It

I tracked everything I ate. You can write it in a journal, your iPhone notes, or in an app like My Fitness Pal but WRITE YOUR FOOD down! It creates awareness around what you’re eating and gives you data that you can review and tweak if you need to make adjustments. Similarly, I weighed myself every day so I could see what was working and to ensure that I was making progress.

3. Do What Works for YOU

I know it can be easy to get caught up into fad dieting by seeing someone else’s results when they are having success on macros,  or intermittent fasting, but I kept the food habits I already had that work well for my body. These are habits I follow as a practice, and did not change them for the challenge. They include:

  • Eating meals that are protein-rich 
  • Limiting sugar and grains except for a weekly joy eat
  • Limiting alcohol

4. Quality Movement to Feel Good

I focused on quality movement every day instead of how long I was working out. 💪 Some days I literally had 5 minutes to workout, and that’s all I did, some days I did 30 minute workouts, and on the weekends I took a hike with my husband. Whatever I did- it was about quality, not quantity.