Getting Over Scale Drama

Do you hate the scale?🙈

If I asked you for a one-word feeling about the scale I’ll bet it could be something like:

❇️ Frustrated



If you have any of those feelings then I am going to teach you how to get over scale drama for good! 

When I work with clients one-on-one who have scale drama, the first thing I ask is why. Why do you feel frustrated, mad, upset? You think it’s because you’re doing everything right but the scale isn’t moving, so your anger is justified, right? But that’s actually not it…

What creates your feeling about anything is your thinking. What is the thought you have before you feel frustrated? Is it something like:

❇️ This isn’t working 

❇️ I’ll never lose weight

❇️ I failed again!

All of these BS thoughts are what you should hate- not the scale. The scale is totally neutral. It’s a data point. It’s a measurement tool. Do you have drama over a measuring cup? Do you have drama over a yard stick? Of course not because your thoughts about them are totally neutral. 

When you create thoughts about the scale, ask yourself, “Is that thought serving me in any way?” If the thought is like those above, then let me help you with the answer: NO! It’s not!

Negative thoughts produce negative results.

Positive thoughts produce positive results.

You just have to decide what you want to choose.

Here’s how it works:

A person who thinks thoughts like:

❇️ I’m committed to getting results

❇️ I’ll keep trying regardless of how long this takes

❇️ I’m willing to take consistent action until I get results

Will ultimately get great results for two reasons.

1: They are choosing results-producing thoughts, and

2: When they choose results-producing thoughts, they feel feelings that inspire them to take the actions required to produce results.

When you are stuck in the loop of BS, negative thinking OF COURSE you aren’t getting the result you want because you are willing your thoughts into reality, or essentially creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Next time you get on the scale, notice your thought.

You get to decide in that moment if you want to choose a result-producing thought or not.

If you want to create new results, and need help getting there, please reach out to me so we can talk about how to take this work to the next level.

Have a great day everyone.

How to Finally Create Lasting Results

I’ve shared a lot over the last 30 blogs about managing your thinking, being positive, believing in results ahead of time, believing before seeing and so on.

And you may be thinking this is all well and good, but it sounds like woo woo or some kind of new age crap– that I’m just telling you to think good thoughts and the world will unfold for you.

If that is what you’re thinking then let’s pause.

Look at your reality right now.

What is the result you are creating?

If you enjoy the results you have then my friend, march on.

However, if something is stirring and you can’t help but wonder if you could be getting a better result by doing something differently then keep reading.

Our results are created by our actions.

Our actions are driven by how we feel.

Our feelings are created by how we think.

So ultimately, the result we have boils down to how we are currently thinking about any situation.

In order to get the new desired result, we have to take different actions.

If we don’t change how we think and feel about these actions then we are using nothing but willpower to drive us to action, and when willpower weans, then what?

Then we go back to doing exactly what we did before because we are stuck on a hamster wheel of thinking.

In order to break out of the hamster wheel and progress forward, we absolutely have to think differently.

Only by thinking different can we feel differently, act differently, and get a new result.

So if you’re leery of dipping your toe into this work because you’re calling it woo-woo.

Decide if you want a new result or not.

If you want something you’ve never had before you’ll have to become someone you’ve never been before.

If the person you want to become is a BA woman who ditches her BS excuses and crushes her goals, well then my friend, then what have you got to lose

If you’d like some help digging into this work, CLICK HERE to schedule a solution session with me. In this session we can dig into what is causing your current result, and create a solution to guide you to achieving your dream come true.

#1 Reason Why You Keep Failing at Your Goals

The first thing I discuss with my 1:1 coaching clients is their goal, so I understand what they want.

The second thing I discuss with them is their WHY.

Why does it matter?

Is it worth the work?

Do they just like the idea of the goal or are they really willing to commit to going all in?

The reason their WHY has to be significant is because X will always be there.

X= Your Struggle
X= Your Urges
X= Your Momentary Desire
X= Wanting a Cupcake or Wine that isn’t part of your plan
X= Every excuse you’ve given yourself to let yourself off the hook!

Here’s the good news– it doesn’t matter what your WHY is as long as it matters to you.

But you must have a reason to change so you can make the right choices even when you face an X. 💕

If you’d like help getting clear on your WHY. Click here to schedule a solution session with me, so we can uncover if you are ready to make a change.

How to Say Goodbye to Food Guilt Forever

If you’ve been in the habit of waking up with food guilt the day after a holiday or special event, I want to let you in on a secret of how to say goodbye to it forever.

First off, guilt is never the key to success.

Many people think it’s motivating to be upset with themselves when they mess up on their diet because then they are determined and focused.

Let me assure you– hating yourself all the way to your goal weight (or any goal, for that matter)- and feeling guilty all the way to your goal, only teaches you to feel more guilt!

Guilt is a feeling that we create with our thinking.

So if we are thinking thoughts that lead to guilt like,

  • I shouldn’t have had that
  • I always screw up my diet
  • I have no control

then we will stay stuck.

Instead, I want you to turn this around.

How I coach my clients on this is, next time you have a special event coming up, think about the thought you have right now that is leading to guilt, and use your thought as a question.

Think about yourself at the end of the day on your special event.

Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t have had that,” ask yourself, “what should I have?” or “what will I have wanted to have at the end of the day?”

Instead of thinking “I always screw up my diet” ask, “how can I be successful on my diet?” or “how can I do one thing better on my diet then I did last time?” Or even “what would it look like if I DIDN’T screw up my diet?”

Instead of saying “I have no control,” ask “what could help me feel in control?”

While these shifts seem subtle, they are powerful because they get you to start thinking differently about the situation.

And when you change your thinking here, you will open a whole new world of possibility.

Have a great day, friends.

How To Accomplish Any Goal

Seeing is believing, right?

Or so we’re told.

That’s why when we haven’t done something before we tell ourselves we can’t.

We use evidence from the past to prove our future, which is crazy!

Would you tell a baby who falls down after a few steps “guess walking isn’t in the cards for you, kid”? No! You wouldn’t.

You would get that baby back up and teach it that when you fall down you get back up.

You have faith the kid can walk. And guess what– they do!

If you’ve wanted to do a marathon would you spend your time wringing your hands that you don’t know what to do? No! You’d get a plan and get running!

What if instead of seeing is believing you tried on the phrase, believing is seeing?

Think about your goal.

Visualize it in your head.

What would the you who already has accomplished the goal tell you?

What would she be thinking about you today?

Don’t wait another minute.

That version of you is waiting.

She wants to show up.

That means you have to show up for yourself.

The wisdom is within you.

You ready?

If you want help visualizing your goal, or you want more, but you don’t know where to start, schedule a solution session with me by clicking here. Your future self IS waiting!

Let’s Talk About Feelings

Let’s be honest, there is no class in school that teaches us how to process emotions.

We are raised to think that other people are responsible for our emotions– that their actions are what create our feelings, but the truth is our thinking creates our feelings.

Regardless of the source, if you are like most people, a feeling may arise within you and suddenly you want to hit the panic button.

Feelings may show up as tightness or pulsing. It may be in the belly, chest, or throat.

It feels like something has gone wrong because you cant describe it, so you use the tools you have to make it go away.

What is your tool?

Overdrinking, overeating, overspending?

Here’s the good news…

Feelings are just vibrations. The more we buffer (with over-anything) or distract, the more we drown out our signals and numb the real messages our body is telling us.

So what do we do if the only tool we have is buffering?

  1. Stop Buffering
  2. Allow the Feeling

Notice it.

Be Curious.

Ask yourself what you are thinking when you feel the vibration.

Where is it happening in your body?

What does the sensation feel like?

At first it may feel intolerable. But let it be, notice how it feels.

Imagine an ankle cramp.

What if I told you that the key to anything you want in life meant that you had to be willing to experience an ankle cramp for 15 minutes a day. Could you allow it?

Of course you could.

Every other feeling is exactly the same way.

Have a great day my friends. Go feel some feelings 🙂

If you’d like to dig deeper on how to feel your feelings, schedule a solution session with me by clicking here.

Hoses and Habits

Have you ever had to untangle a garden hose?

It takes work, right?

I tried to wrap up a garden hose this morning, and it didn’t want to cooperate.

I felt like it was working against me- it kinked, it was in knots, and it took a lot of work to get it to a point where I could wrap it up neatly (ish).

As I was working on this hose, it got me thinking about changing habits.

When we want to change, our brains do not cooperate.

It feels like it’s working against us.

We get into knots because we want to do something different, but it’s natural tendency is to hold the kink.

Can we change it? Yes

Can we un-kink it? Yes

Does it take work? Yes

Is it impossible? No

The truth is, that anything we want in life will require us to change the thoughts in our brain. It’s totally doable, totally possible.

It takes work.

The work is worth it.