Thanksgiving Intention

Happy Thanksgiving!
I know, it’s technically tomorrow, but if you’re anything like me, your brain is going a 1000 miles a minute getting ready for the big day. 🙂

So take a deep breath. Relax.

And tell me, what is your Thanksgiving Day plan?

We all get to decide:
1. We can do nothing and create results that we’ve created in the past.
2. We can set an intention to make this Thanksgiving whatever we want (including, creating THE BEST THANKSGIVING DAY EVER!!!!).

If you selected option 2, then keep reading.

When people think about making a plan, sometimes they go to extremes, thinking they have to have a perfect food plan that fits within their dietary structure.

But what if instead, your intention this Thanksgiving was simply something like:
Showing up for yourself with love.

What would that look like?

What would your compassionate future self say to you for this one day?

Would she say, “go all out, eat everything?”
Would she say, “be gracious, and enjoy in moderation?”
Would she say, “practice kindness to yourself, it’s just one meal?”

Here’s the thing– there are no right or wrong answers here. You get to decide exactly what you want for yourself.

What if you just wanted this Thanksgiving to be 5% better than last year? (Remember: this is totally an option– click here to get my Special Occasion Solution, which will help guide you on doing this holiday with intention!)

Decide today what you want for yourself, and follow the wisdom of your future self. She is always right.

When my clients learn to tune into their future selves, it is like they flip a switch, and they move from indecision (which for many turned into binge eating) during the holidays to 100% love, and navigating holiday events while still getting results!

If are unsure of how to get there, click here to schedule a solution session with me, where I can help you get 100% clear on your goals.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, friends!

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Time Management Like a Boss

We all have the same 24 hours right?

You, me, the Dalai Lama, the Queen of England.

But what we do with those 24 hours totally depends on us!

If you want to make your time worthwhile, and have a specific result you’re trying to create, then check out my video on Time Management Like a Boss. This video is from a Facebook Live I did this week, and wanted to share it with you!

The Power of Trusting Your Intuition

So many of us are accustomed to going to an external resource to find answers.

We ask our mothers, our bosses, consultants, experts or gurus in search of the right answer.

But what if we are wrong?

What if the answer wasn’t available from someone else. What if the only answer available was within you?

This idea may freak you out, and that’s ok. But consider for a moment the decision you need to make.

Imagine you are on a desert island and no one could help you— you had to arrive at a decision completely on your own. What would you do?

The first thing you may do is second guess yourself and wonder if you’d make the wrong decision.

But what if nothing was wrong. What if it’s impossible to make the wrong choice— there is no right or wrong, there’s only choosing. No judgement. Just deciding.

So many of us are accustomed to not trusting our intuition when it comes to making our own decisions that we allow ourselves to stay stuck in indecision.

But indecision never helps anything or anyone.

Choose today.

When you ask yourself the hard questions, deep down, what does your soul say?

What if you knew the right answer all along?

You have everything you need. Just decide.

And here’s the good news. The more you trust yourself to make the right choice, the more right choices you will make.

You have everything you need.

How Your Brain is Like a Toddler with Scissors

What is a thought in your head right this second?

Now, what’s your intention?

What’s the thought you’re committed to saying to yourself 10,000 times until you believe it?

I truly believe in starting every day with an intention because it gives my brain something to work on.

Sometimes my intention is:

✅ My dream is worth my time, or

✅ In everything I do I choose love, or

✅ I’m committed to figuring this out.

I have hundreds of intentions I’ve made, and I keep making them and here’s why.

Our brains like to play the same tapes over and over and over again.

My brain is a big fan of saying crap to me like:

✅ You’ll never figure this out

✅ You’re wasting your time

✅ Look- ice cream!🤣🍦

✅ You’ve failed before, why keep trying…

See what I mean. 👎

But here’s the good news- thoughts are not who we are.

The problem is that we believe our automatic thoughts even when they don’t serve us, and then we wonder why we are in misery.

Let me say this in another way– that random junk in your head is not you, it’s your brain on auto-pilot.

Imagine a child with a pair of scissors running around.

They think they have a toy– they think it’s for fun. You chase them, and they laugh.

As the responsible adult, you can see this is a recipe for disaster.

The kid needs to be stopped!

They’re in danger!

Now think of your thoughts like that.

Think of your unintentional thoughts like a toddler with scissors.

I heard a quote the other day that “successful people talk to themselves more than they listen to themselves”.

I believe it’s 💯% true because when you are setting an intention you are actively talking to yourself.

You are giving your brain something to focus on.

You are controlling the narrative.

You are wearing down the tape that plays the useless thoughts.

So what’s your intention today?

What are you committed to believing no matter what?

You get to choose. 💕

If you need help figuring out how to set intentions that create the results you want in life, click here to schedule a solution session with me.

Have an amazing day, friends!

Now or Never November

How long have you been wanting THAT goal?

How long have you been “trying” to get to your goal weight?

Has it been days? Weeks? Months? Years? Decades?

What if you just decided for the month of November that it’s NOW or NEVER!

I’m 💯% serious about this because a lot of people like to wait until New Years to set a big goal, but after a few weeks they fizzle out because there’s nothing holding their feet to the fire.

If they started a diet, well Super Bowl has now come and ruined it for everyone.

The Valentine’s Day comes and they “have to” eat all the candy.

Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing.

There will ALWAYS be excuses!

What if you just decided that you were sick of waiting and more importantly that you were tired of living a life that’s less than your full potential?

What if you went all in TODAY to make the change?

What could you get done after 30 days? 60 days? Think of the traction you can make on a new goal by the time the new year comes!

Don’t wait another minute, friends. Your future self is waiting for you to go all in! NOW or NEVER!

If you need help getting started with your goals, click here to schedule a solution session with me.