Why Self Love Matters– At ANY Weight

Do you ever look in the mirror and think things like:

I hate my thighs.

If only I were thinner I’d be happy.

My belly is so gross.

Here’s what I want you to know…

We think that being disgusted with our bodies motivates us to take action, but if we are creating motivation from the foundation of hate, we will generate more hate.

When we do this, even when we get to our goal, there will still be more hate. Maybe even more because we’ve been focusing on hate consistently so we’ve given it room to grow and take up space in our lives.

If you create motivation from a place of love, you create more love. And this is why loving yourself exactly as you are today is so important to getting long term results- in ANY area of life.

You can love yourself and still want to change, but notice how things feel in your body when you shift from a thought like:

I’m so disgusting.


I’m committed to taking exceptional care of myself.

Notice the difference?

It’s a game changer.

When we offer more love to ourselves we realize that WE BECOME exactly what we need. We then create results from a place of patience, compassion, and the creation of more love.

My challenge for you is this- practice thoughts of self love. Practice believing you are worthy. And practice disregarding negative body thoughts that come into your head.

You are so worthy already!