How to Rewire Your Brain to Quit Overeating (like a badass)

If you’ve been overeating for years- or even decades- you may be skeptical that rewiring your brain to quit overeating is even impossible. But it absolutely is.

Overeating is first off an action.

When we overeat, it is often in response to a feeling (discomfort, anxiety, anger, impatience, frustration, inadequacy, excitement, etc).

While feelings themselves are harmless- they are just vibrations in your body– if you haven’t spent time learning to allow feelings to exist without stuffing food on top of them, then you may be overeating in response to any emotion, whether it’s negative or even positive.

When it comes to emotions or feelings, a lot of people think that they emerge from people or life events outside of you- your husband, kids not doing their homework, mother-in-law is too demanding, your boss talks down to you– all likely the culprits, right?

Or are they?

The truth is, everything these people do or say has little to do with our feelings, but how we process what they do or say has EVERYTHING to do with our feelings.

Have you ever told someone a story that really enraged you, and they responded with little or no reaction, so you explain more, so they get how “bad” the situation really is?

That, my friend, is your story.

Anything more than facts is your story.

We think our stories are facts, but actually, our stories are the mechanisms we use to justify our feelings and actions.

How does this relate to overeating?

Because overeating starts in the mind way before you’re in line at the drive-thru.

Think about it like this: when you want to lose weight, and you start your day off with your lunch packed, it’s not because you’re planning to ditch it at some point in lieu of McDonald’s right?

You pack your lunch because you told yourself (maybe the night before) that you want to eat a healthy lunch that will help you lose weight.

So where’s the gap between between the healthy lunch and the drive-thru?

Let’s say it’s your boss.

She emails you that some work you’ve done needs revisions within 15 minutes. She is energized and as soon as you receive her email she calls you to make sure you saw the email.

You can see her email and phone call as intrusive, demanding, outrageous, or even offensive.

What if you knew just prior to her email, she was informed of a last-minute change that she had to do, and was so rattled for her meeting she needed you to make the correction because you are the most reliable person on your team.

Pretty different story, eh?

Now, you may be protesting that you know that wasn’t why your boss came to you, but notice how your thoughts change.

When we change our thoughts, we show up for life differently.

So when a situations emerges that may be triggering, ask yourself, how can I show up for this in my life and still get results?

Get curious.

Be like a nosy neighbor– be up in your own business.

Great questions inspire us to find a better outcome for ourselves, instead of allowing our brain to run it’s default programming.

This is important because your default programming (aka habits) will tell you to do what you’ve always done– assume your boss is taking advantage of you, feel angry and resentful, and therefore eat a venti Starbucks cup filled with peanut m&ms (not that I’m speaking from experience— *clears throat* 😉

But next time you are in that situation remember…

The keys to rewiring your brain to quit overeating are:

(1) Hit the pause button— maybe even say outloud “STOP” as soon as you notice uncomfortable feelings surface.

(2) Before leaping out of your chair to the pantry you ask yourself “what would a badass woman who shows up big in her life do in this situation?”

When you ask yourself powerful questions, your brain gets to work on powerful solutions.

So what do you do?

My first response is “a badass woman who shows up big in her life just takes care of business. She gets the job done, and doesn’t let a moment of feeling weird about an email derail efforts she is committed to.”

What is your response?

(3) Follow the badass– she always knows best.

Notice how thinking about it from this perspective puts you in the driver seat.

It puts you in the place of power.

When you are in the power, you decide exactly how you show up in EVERY area of life.

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