Those of you who’ve followed my journey the past month know that I just achieved a
big goal: I hit my goal weight! I did this by showing up every day until I got
the exact result I was looking for. I set my sights on 123.4 from Day 1, and on
Day 30 I weighed in at exactly that number. Since many people reached out to me
along the way in my journey to find out what I was doing, I thought it would be
valuable to share exactly what I did that made this totally effective.

1.       Set a VERY SPECIFIC GOAL.

Creating a specific goal is important because it forces our minds to focus exactly on
what we want, and what we must do to solve the problem. A generic goal like “I
want to lose weight” is a good place to start, but knowing you want to lose exactly
6.4 or 64 pounds is great because then you have to start thinking of a strategy
to get there.

2.       Dismiss Conflicting Thoughts

This may sound quite simple, but think about it… How many times have you set a big goal for yourself only to give up on it two days later? You create a New Year’s resolution to not eat cake, and then a week later, it’s someone’s birthday so you throw in the towel. What happened? You had a thought in conflict with your goal. Maybe it was something like:

“Just this once”

“I don’t want to miss out”

“They’ll think I’m weird if I don’t eat cake” And that thought led to feeling uncomfortable (deprived, insecure). And to avoid that feeling, you ate the cake. Then after eating the cake you felt like you failed, so you quit. Slippery slope. You may have thought it was just a simple action, but it started with a thought.

Through the month of March– every time I had a thought about eating when I wasn’t hungry or eating to overcome an emotional situation, I paused. I knew that it wouldn’t serve me, and I decided to create a new thought.

3.        Follow the plan that supports your intention.

A lot of times we think weight loss is this elusive mystery that we need to figure out. The truth is most people know HOW to lose weight, they simply choose not to take weight loss producing actions because of their thinking. They see an ad for someone dropping 10 pounds in a week on a keto diet, and then suddenly start questioning their own knowledge.

With weight loss in particular, we get into the habit of wanting results quickly, and if the result takes time, we get frustrated and quit– I knew that was something I’d done in the past. Instead, this time, I just wondered- what if I took everything I knew about weight loss, applied it, and was patient– what would happen then? And in 30 days, I had my result.

If you have other questions about my journey or starting your own journey- please comment below or reach out to me—I’d love to connect with you!

Have a great day!

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