The countdown is on… Thanksgiving is just two days away!

I used to fret over my weight so much over the holidays, and would have a mental debacle over whether to stay on plan, or to just say “f-it” because I wanted to enjoy myself.

One year I came up with a strategy that helped eliminate all that nonsense, and allowed me to both enjoy myself and not gain weight (for once) over the holidays.

If this sounds like a strategy you want to try, here’s what you do…

Step One: Calendar

Take out your calendar and add in all of the special events going from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Step Two:  Splurge or Save?

Decide which events are actually worth splurging on or not.

One event may be a happy hour with former colleagues, one may be a fancy cocktail party or cookie exchange.

What’s a Save?

If you know there are events you could get through pretty smoothly by creating some simple rules, limiting yourself to two drinks and pre-planning what you’ll order, then no need to go bananas, and save indulgences for other events.

What is a Splurge?

Fancy cocktail parties, baking with your family, annual traditions, and other events that you know require more flexibility, and would literally hurt your brain to try to track would be a splurge.

Step Three: Enjoy Events

Here’s the key- stay on track the entire day of the splurge, and allow the meal/event to be untracked. The key here is to enjoy yourself, not stuff yourself silly because you’ve given yourself a green light. Practice eating to satiety overeating to unbuttoned-pants fullness.

Step Four: Back on Track

The next meal, pretend like I you are Ted Lasso’s goldfish and completely let it go. We can waste so much time thinking about the past, feeling guilt and regret. In this case– no guilt allowed. Enjoy yourself, and then get back on track.

The first year I implemented this I had 7 untracked events that included things like:
Thanksgiving Day
Fancy Cocktail Party
Baking Day
Cookie Exchange
Christmas Eve Dinner
Christmas Day
New Years Eve

During each of those events I abundantly enjoyed myself, but after it was over, I got right back on track.

The beauty of this method is that it gives your brain a break from spending the entire holiday season going back and forth, wondering if you should stay on track or not. Decide in advance what events were worth it, and don’t look back.

If you are looking to maintain (and not gain) weight this holiday season, and you try this strategy, I’d love to hear how it works for you.

If you are looking to lose weight this holiday season, (or even come January) and you want a strategy to stick to your plan, then check out my Special Occasion Solution for more details.

Happy Holidays!

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