The Best Weight Loss Method. Period.

Happy Wednesday (or whatever day of the week it is when you land on this blog)!

Today I am talking about the best weight loss method. Period.

There is a short and a long response for this– I’ll give you both.

Short answer: The best weight loss method is the one you can stick with FOR GOOD!

Long answer:

As someone who has lost over 70 pounds and kept it off for nearly 2 decades I have tried it all.

I see a lot of people who are lured into doing diets that get results fast because they think that as soon as they lose this weight, they can go back to “normal”.

I get it, I’ve thought that before during one of my failed 21-day juice detoxes.

Here’s the truth– whatever you do to lose weight, must be maintainable for the long-term unless you actually want to regain weight, which I don’t think anyone does.

I know it can be alluring to think that you will do a 1000-calorie a day keto diet with intermittent fasting to get to your goal quickly because you’ve outgrown your yoga pants during the quarantine, but before you do this let me offer something for your consideration…

How much time have you spent over the years doing quick-fix diets?

If you had to tally the amount of time you spent doing things you thought would get results fast, how many times would you be multiplying 21 and 30 days in your head?

If I look back at my dieting history I have easily spent 2 years doing “fixes.”

What if instead of doing fixes, you decided to commit to the ultimate solution– the one you stick with for good?

When you commit to the solution you can stick with for good its a game-changer because you become the one who decides whether or not something is in your plan, worth a splurge, worth the save, and all the other decisions that we make about our nutrition that we have previously outsourced.

When clients work with me, Week 1 we decide what their protocol will be, and when we do, I have 3 criteria that they have to consider when we are putting together their plan.

  1. Enjoyable– They have to enjoy the food their eating, and not be including nonsense food they secretly despise because its “part of the plan.” If you hate your plan, you will quit, so start with enjoyment in mind.
  2. Effective- The plan has to get results. So while you may enjoy eating chocolate cake all day, you may find that after a week, it doesn’t get you the results you want, so you decide to balance it out with some other foods and have chocolate cake once a day or week instead of all day, and the results come. If you aren’t getting results, you will be frustrated, so finding a balance between enjoyment and effectiveness is the sweet spot.
  3. Sustainable- Consider the long-game. Many people think that because they saw a 1200 calorie diet that some celebrity did that they should do the the same. My question to that person would be “are you willing to enjoy that for the rest of your life?” I would them ask them what their plan is when the 1200 calorie diet stops working? Are they going to cut to 900 calories? Sustainability is the true secret because it’s the reality check that reminds us that we aren’t just losing weight for now, we are losing weight FOR GOOD.

How this plays out is in my practice is that I have clients choose exactly what they want to eat based on their goals, they log their food, and we evaluate their progress each week. If we run into a sticking point, whether physical or psychological, we go back to the three: did they enjoy their food, or did they fill their day with diet foods, then feel deprived and then cheat; did they get results, if not we evaluate their macro-intake for the week along with their food choices to see how to get results next week; did they try to “cheat the system” by eating super low calories that week because they wanted fast results, if so, they get back to their usual plan.

If you’ve read this far and you are working on your own weight loss journey, I’d encourage you to take a few moments to see if your plan hits all 3 criteria and ask yourself if you plan is enjoyable, effective and sustainable? If not, then consider making a shift.

If this is an area where you need some support, feel free to schedule some time with me to see what you can change to get your plan dialed in.

Remember, we don’t want to just lose weight now, we want to lose weight for good.

Have a great day!

Ending Your Lifelong Weight Struggle

Today I wanted to talk to something near and dear to my heart, and that is ending your lifelong weight struggle.

According to Bray, George A et al, “Overweight and obesity are worldwide problems that affect >100 million Americans or 68.5% of the adult population.”*

Obesity has been called an “epidemic,” and studies from Harvard report that there have been $190 billion spent on obesity-related illnesses and the treatment of obesity itself, but there remains to be a single, defined cure for everyone.

So what do we do?

Even if a cure-all drug or diet were released, the challenge of offering a blanket recommendation to the world is that every human is different, and what works amazingly well for one person may work terribly for someone else.

If you are like most people who have struggled with your weight for your whole life, or even a decade or two, you are likely frustrated. You may feel like these statistics support your conundrum, and you may want to blame fast food chains, availability of highly palatable foods, your metabolism, your mother, you name it.

I get it– I wanted to blame people, too! I didn’t want to think it was my fault for creating a body that felt foreign to me– I just felt like I was trying to cope with this life and this body just happened.

The truth is, we can blame a lot of people and some intense life circumstances for wherever we are, but that only serves to keep us stuck.

In order to make progress, we have to desire the freedom in transformation more than we find comfort in the story keeping us chained.

Jack Canfield’s first of his Success Principles (in the book with the same title) is to “take 100% responsibility for your life.”

So, what if we just decided that …

  • We no longer focus on who or what to blame!
  • We figure out the solution for ourselves starting now!
  • The solution is actually finding the cure for ourselves, and not waiting for someone else!
  • We are willing to take 100% responsibility in this area of life!

When I asked myself these question on my own weight loss journey it really broke my brain because it made me realize that I actually have all the answers that I need– I just needed to start testing, have some patience, and create a format for myself that would confirm I was on the right track.

This is why I am beyond excited for my Holiday Fat Loss Challenge October 26th-30th.

In these 5 days, I am going to training you specifically on how to create a plan for YOU that gets results.

Whether you’ve been struggling with your weight your whole life, a decade or two, or have noticed that since you hit 40 you keep gaining weight, I can assure you there is a solution… and it’s not what you think.

If you’d like to join the challenge, then go to my website and sign up for your free guide: How to Stop Overeating When Working From Home, and I’ll let you know as soon as the challenge opens up.

ACTION FOR TODAY: For those of you who don’t know, I am a big fan of accountability. If you are ready to start your journey today, then download the My Fitness Pal app and start tracking your food. You don’t have to hit any goals or targets, just start noticing what you’re eating. Awareness is the first step, so if you are ready to make some progress, then click here to get started.

*Bray, George A et al. “The Science of Obesity Management: An Endocrine Society Scientific Statement.” Endocrine reviews vol. 39,2 (2018): 79-132. doi:10.1210/er.2017-00253

Keys for Turning Small Habits into Amazing Transformations

As humans, the hardest thing to do is to change, right?

We all want to snap our fingers and POOF! 💨 We’re suddenly at our goal!🏆

The truth is that change is challenging because it requires you to become a new person.

You have to become the person who does the thing you want instead of being the person who wishes they had the thing.🤯

So let me ask you… who do you want to BE this year?
What is the 1️⃣ thing you are willing to change to become her?

I am only asking for one because one is all that is required for transformation to begin. 😊

So here are my Key’s to creating small habits for amazing transformations :

1️⃣Get Specific: I will workout 15 minutes 3 times a week; or I will calendar an hour every week to go grocery shopping so I always have healthy food options available; etc. Avoid generics here, things like “I will be healthier” or “I will love myself more”. While those things are good, how do you know once you’ve hit those goals? GET CRYSTAL CLEAR.

2️⃣On a confidence scale of 1-10, with 10 high, you are at least an 8 that you will get it done. You have to believe that you will stick with it. 👊 If you are less than an 8, revise the goal to something you WOULD stick with.

3️⃣Create an intention around your new habit that you focus on every day. Our brains want to focus only on what is easy and will offer you a million reasons why you shouldn’t stick with your goal. Your job is to talk back— successful people talk to themselves more than they listen to themselves.

4️⃣Evidence. Every day find evidence of what you did right. At the end of the day write down what went well, and keep a running list of what you are doing right so you can give your brain something new to focus on.

So start today, friends. Don’t wait another moment to make the change– your future self is waiting. If you need help getting clear feel free to DM me. ❤️

How to Finally Create Lasting Results

I’ve shared a lot over the last 30 blogs about managing your thinking, being positive, believing in results ahead of time, believing before seeing and so on.

And you may be thinking this is all well and good, but it sounds like woo woo or some kind of new age crap– that I’m just telling you to think good thoughts and the world will unfold for you.

If that is what you’re thinking then let’s pause.

Look at your reality right now.

What is the result you are creating?

If you enjoy the results you have then my friend, march on.

However, if something is stirring and you can’t help but wonder if you could be getting a better result by doing something differently then keep reading.

Our results are created by our actions.

Our actions are driven by how we feel.

Our feelings are created by how we think.

So ultimately, the result we have boils down to how we are currently thinking about any situation.

In order to get the new desired result, we have to take different actions.

If we don’t change how we think and feel about these actions then we are using nothing but willpower to drive us to action, and when willpower weans, then what?

Then we go back to doing exactly what we did before because we are stuck on a hamster wheel of thinking.

In order to break out of the hamster wheel and progress forward, we absolutely have to think differently.

Only by thinking different can we feel differently, act differently, and get a new result.

So if you’re leery of dipping your toe into this work because you’re calling it woo-woo.

Decide if you want a new result or not.

If you want something you’ve never had before you’ll have to become someone you’ve never been before.

If the person you want to become is a BA woman who ditches her BS excuses and crushes her goals, well then my friend, then what have you got to lose

If you’d like some help digging into this work, CLICK HERE to schedule a solution session with me. In this session we can dig into what is causing your current result, and create a solution to guide you to achieving your dream come true.

#1 Reason Why You Keep Failing at Your Goals

The first thing I discuss with my 1:1 coaching clients is their goal, so I understand what they want.

The second thing I discuss with them is their WHY.

Why does it matter?

Is it worth the work?

Do they just like the idea of the goal or are they really willing to commit to going all in?

The reason their WHY has to be significant is because X will always be there.

X= Your Struggle
X= Your Urges
X= Your Momentary Desire
X= Wanting a Cupcake or Wine that isn’t part of your plan
X= Every excuse you’ve given yourself to let yourself off the hook!

Here’s the good news– it doesn’t matter what your WHY is as long as it matters to you.

But you must have a reason to change so you can make the right choices even when you face an X. 💕

If you’d like help getting clear on your WHY. Click here to schedule a solution session with me, so we can uncover if you are ready to make a change.

How To Accomplish Any Goal

Seeing is believing, right?

Or so we’re told.

That’s why when we haven’t done something before we tell ourselves we can’t.

We use evidence from the past to prove our future, which is crazy!

Would you tell a baby who falls down after a few steps “guess walking isn’t in the cards for you, kid”? No! You wouldn’t.

You would get that baby back up and teach it that when you fall down you get back up.

You have faith the kid can walk. And guess what– they do!

If you’ve wanted to do a marathon would you spend your time wringing your hands that you don’t know what to do? No! You’d get a plan and get running!

What if instead of seeing is believing you tried on the phrase, believing is seeing?

Think about your goal.

Visualize it in your head.

What would the you who already has accomplished the goal tell you?

What would she be thinking about you today?

Don’t wait another minute.

That version of you is waiting.

She wants to show up.

That means you have to show up for yourself.

The wisdom is within you.

You ready?

If you want help visualizing your goal, or you want more, but you don’t know where to start, schedule a solution session with me by clicking here. Your future self IS waiting!