If You’re Searching for Answers

Yesterday I was on a panel speaking to Career Center directors at Sonoma State University.

Question to Panel: “What’s the opportunity for change in career services?”

My Answer: “When you ask students what they want to do with their executive MBA, don’t accept ‘I don’t know’ as an answer…

Instead ask, ‘If you did know, what would that look like?'”

Audience Chuckles

Many people like “I don’t know” as an acceptable answer; it’s a great space filler.

I reject it as a response for myself and for my clients.

You know the answer.

When you close your eyes, and ask yourself the questions about what you want most in life you know.

If you don’t know, let me reframe it this way: Assume money and time are not constrains, what is the answer?

Many people are afraid to give words to the desire stirring within them: words make it real.

They worry what others would think if they went after that goal, so they stuff it down.

They drink, they eat, they shop to numb the vibration within them that is begging to be answered.

What if someone asked you if YOU knew what you needed what would you say?