Stop Losing Your S%!+ With Food!

Let’s be honest, if you’re like most of Americans, you are so excited about the 4th because finally you get to eat (or drink) your favorite treats that you only have once a year.

For many of us, it’s been more than a year since we’ve had a proper 4th, so I know where your brain is!

Now I want you to think about what would happen if you stuck perfectly to your meal plan all day long.

You may be thinking, Bo-Ring, right?

Now what if I told you to make your plan AND include your favorite thing.

What would happen?

Most likely you’d lose weight, and if you didn’t, you’d have a little blip on the scale and be back to normal in a day or two, right?

So, if we can enjoy our favorite things and still get results, why don’t we?

Because our brains are in the habit of telling us that if we’ve made a “mistake” on our plan, that the whole day is ruined.

But here’s the trick– including a treat on your plan, is still sticking to your plan.

In fact, when you have a plan that includes a treat and you DON’T have the treat, then you are OFF your plan (say whaaaatttt!!!!!??????)

What if this 4th of July, you didn’t make your favorite treat a catastrophe, and just treated it like a sneeze- here and then gone. What results could you create then?

So, here is my challenge to you, my Rebel…

This 4th of July I want you to include a treat of your choice on your plan. I don’t care if it’s two glasses of wine and five cupcakes. Think about what would be enjoyable for you.

What is the choice you will have wish you had made Monday morning?

Write out your plan TODAY!

Then I want you to post a pic of you enjoying your treat on Instagram and tag me @weight_loss-rebel so I can celebrate with you!

You’ll be celebrating, too because when you challenge yourself to try something new, you create a new version of yourself.

You become the woman who does what she says she will do– she is the woman who crushes goals!

So go create! And have a great 4th!

If you need some extra support on figuring out how to manage the day with a treat, check out my Special Occassion Solution, which will give you step-by-step instructions for how to break down your day into small, manageable parts.

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And hey, if you want to make the cake in this photo, check out my Insta post here for instructions.

How to Rewire Your Brain to Quit Overeating (like a badass)

If you’ve been overeating for years- or even decades- you may be skeptical that rewiring your brain to quit overeating is even impossible. But it absolutely is.

Overeating is first off an action.

When we overeat, it is often in response to a feeling (discomfort, anxiety, anger, impatience, frustration, inadequacy, excitement, etc).

While feelings themselves are harmless- they are just vibrations in your body– if you haven’t spent time learning to allow feelings to exist without stuffing food on top of them, then you may be overeating in response to any emotion, whether it’s negative or even positive.

When it comes to emotions or feelings, a lot of people think that they emerge from people or life events outside of you- your husband, kids not doing their homework, mother-in-law is too demanding, your boss talks down to you– all likely the culprits, right?

Or are they?

The truth is, everything these people do or say has little to do with our feelings, but how we process what they do or say has EVERYTHING to do with our feelings.

Have you ever told someone a story that really enraged you, and they responded with little or no reaction, so you explain more, so they get how “bad” the situation really is?

That, my friend, is your story.

Anything more than facts is your story.

We think our stories are facts, but actually, our stories are the mechanisms we use to justify our feelings and actions.

How does this relate to overeating?

Because overeating starts in the mind way before you’re in line at the drive-thru.

Think about it like this: when you want to lose weight, and you start your day off with your lunch packed, it’s not because you’re planning to ditch it at some point in lieu of McDonald’s right?

You pack your lunch because you told yourself (maybe the night before) that you want to eat a healthy lunch that will help you lose weight.

So where’s the gap between between the healthy lunch and the drive-thru?

Let’s say it’s your boss.

She emails you that some work you’ve done needs revisions within 15 minutes. She is energized and as soon as you receive her email she calls you to make sure you saw the email.

You can see her email and phone call as intrusive, demanding, outrageous, or even offensive.

What if you knew just prior to her email, she was informed of a last-minute change that she had to do, and was so rattled for her meeting she needed you to make the correction because you are the most reliable person on your team.

Pretty different story, eh?

Now, you may be protesting that you know that wasn’t why your boss came to you, but notice how your thoughts change.

When we change our thoughts, we show up for life differently.

So when a situations emerges that may be triggering, ask yourself, how can I show up for this in my life and still get results?

Get curious.

Be like a nosy neighbor– be up in your own business.

Great questions inspire us to find a better outcome for ourselves, instead of allowing our brain to run it’s default programming.

This is important because your default programming (aka habits) will tell you to do what you’ve always done– assume your boss is taking advantage of you, feel angry and resentful, and therefore eat a venti Starbucks cup filled with peanut m&ms (not that I’m speaking from experience— *clears throat* 😉

But next time you are in that situation remember…

The keys to rewiring your brain to quit overeating are:

(1) Hit the pause button— maybe even say outloud “STOP” as soon as you notice uncomfortable feelings surface.

(2) Before leaping out of your chair to the pantry you ask yourself “what would a badass woman who shows up big in her life do in this situation?”

When you ask yourself powerful questions, your brain gets to work on powerful solutions.

So what do you do?

My first response is “a badass woman who shows up big in her life just takes care of business. She gets the job done, and doesn’t let a moment of feeling weird about an email derail efforts she is committed to.”

What is your response?

(3) Follow the badass– she always knows best.

Notice how thinking about it from this perspective puts you in the driver seat.

It puts you in the place of power.

When you are in the power, you decide exactly how you show up in EVERY area of life.

If this is work you want to do more of and you need help, click here to schedule your free solution session with me.

How to Ditch Scale Fears

I used to really struggle with getting on the scale.

I was afraid it would give me bad news.

I thought of the scale as the enemy when I gained weight and my bestie when I lost.

I noticed that there were times I was doing everything right, yet the scale didn’t seem to budge. Sometimes it even went up!

What was I doing wrong?

What I was doing wrong was thinking that weight loss was linear and that if I did “everything right” that every day the scale should go down.

Here’s the truth: we all have human bodies and our weight fluctuates from day-to-day.

Even when you’re doing all the right things, weight can fluctuate due to:

  • Female cycles
  • Eating salt
  • Constipation
  • Stress
  • Inadequate Sleep
  • Hormonal Changes

Knowing this, I was able to shift my internal dialogue from:

  • I’ll always be fat!
  • This is never going to work!
  • I hate myself!

All thoughts that kept me stuck because they created terrible results (binge eating, going off track, throwing in the towel– can you relate?)

But those weren’t the results I wanted, so I had to shift my thinking to focus on what I wanted to create:

  • I’m committed to this process and accept fluctuations as part of my journey
  • I’m willing to stick with my plan even when the scale fluctuates
  • This goal matters to me, so I’m staying committed.

By shifting my perspective, I was able to allow fluctuations without making them mean anything.

If you have noticed that you self sabotage when you get on the scale I can help! Click here to schedule a breakthrough session with me.

Are You Gambling With Your Weight Loss?

On Valentine’s Day I bought everyone on my team a lottery ticket.

We were already planning to do a cute card exchange a-la third grade, but I thought it would be fun to throw a lotto ticket in their basket, too.

The whole day there was a buzz about the tickets!

  • What people would do if they won?
  • How many people lose their lotto winnings?
  • The likelihood of winning the lotto versus getting struck by lightning, etc.

Here’s the interesting thing– we all know the chances of winning the lottery are ridiculously slim, yet still we play anyway.

It got me thinking about weight loss.

Somebody’s gotta win! We tell ourselves when we play the lotto.

The diet version of that phrase therefore has to be It worked for Sharon! (or name of other co-worker/random person on Instagram).

One thing I see a lot in my practice is women hopping from diet to diet because they think that the next one will be the magic bullet that they will suddenly stick with for good.

In my weight loss master class, I explain that all diets work because they create a caloric deficit, but that the diet you should choose is the one that fits your life.

What if you believed me?

Let’s say instead of playing the lotto quick picks, I was actually giving you the winning numbers, all you had to do was patiently keep playing them?

Here’s the good news– I am!

When clients work with me, the first thing we determine is how to create a deficit while eating as much as they can so they can get results for good.

They are successful because they commit to the process instead of hopping from plan-to-plan, and therefore lose weight.

If you’ve been gambling with your weight loss and randomly throwing your keto-friendly spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, wouldn’t you rather go all-in on what you know is scientifically proven to create results?

I would!

Join me on this journey by scheduling your free breakthrough session with me, where we will uncover how to switch your journey from trying quick picks to playing only the winning numbers.

Girl, Eat That Chocolate!

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year, I have a message for you…

Just eat the chocolate.

I remember how I used to fret over V-Day chocolate, and would just ask for flowers when I really wanted See’s maple pecan bon bons, white chocolate apple pie, and hazelnut truffles.

Why feel deprived when what you want is totally available to you?

The problem is that many people tell themselves terrible thoughts like:

  • Sugar is the devil
  • If I have one, I will eat them all
  • I can’t eat that and lose weight
  • That’s not good for me

For the record, I don’t ever remember hearing the news story about the girl who ate a piece of chocolate and immediately died, gained 30 pounds or got pregnant, so take a breath.

Ask yourself what you would enjoy having on Valentine’s Day?

Eating a whole cake or box of chocolates to drown your sorrows is obviously not going to bring you joy, so really think about it.

How many chocolates would you really enjoy? Three? Five?

Decide now, plan in advance, and have what you love.

This is a powerful activity that reprograms your brain for success!

By enjoying the treats you’ve planned to have when you typically eat ALL the treats because you don’t “allow yourself” to have them, you train your brain to learn that you are the one who is in control- not the food.

Each time you practice this activity, your ability to decide to enjoy what you want gets stronger– your trust in yourself grows, you prove that you can follow through on your intentions.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

You, my beautiful Rebel deserve indulgence, so do yourself a favor and eat the chocolate.

If this is an area you are struggling with and you want to learn how to quit extreme eating, and create sustainable results, then click here to schedule a free breakthrough session with me.

Your Greatest Weight Loss Challenge Solved!

What creates the greatest challenge when it comes to weight loss?

It’s a question I ask people in consults.

Want to know what they say?


Most people know what to do, but they don’t feel they are creating motivation consistently.

So how do you go from hitting or missing days on your meal plan to staying on track every single day (even when it’s Valentine’s Day)?


How is it possible that simply shifting your thoughts to being committed can help you lose weight?

Think about all the things in your life you commit to: your marriage, your kids, your job, paying your mortgage.

Do you show up to your marriage only as you feel like it?

Is your child’s call for help disregarded unless you’re in the mood?

Do you let the mortgage default because you’d rather buy on new shoes?

In all instances, you do what is necessary even when you don’t feel like it.

Why? Because you made a commitment.

Want to know what 100% commitment to weight loss transformation looks like? 100% results!

What does 100% committed to your weight loss transformation look like?

What is different for you?

Will you practice more consistency? Patience? Compassion?

What will you change today if you go all-in and are 100% committed to your goal?

Many times people think its the right program they need that will “fix them.”

While awareness of what you’re eating is important, the magic pill you’re waiting for is in feeding your mind and feeding your body.

Take some time to answer the question for yourself today: What is one thing you will change today to honor your 100% commitment to your goal?

It’s waiting for you.

You just have to decide you want it.

If this is an area you struggle with and you like what you hear, but feel you need support, then click the link to schedule your free breakthrough session with me here.

Have a great day!

How to Handle a Superbowl Buffet Like a Boss

Do you know that there is more guacamole eaten on Superbowl Sunday than even on Cinco de Mayo?

I don’t know about you, but when I used to think about all the food on Superbowl Sunday, I’d get a migraine trying to figure out how to stick to a plan amidst the sea of chips and queso.

I’ve totally been there, and my plan for Superbowl Sunday is to get results, so let me show you how.

First off– Superbowl Sunday is a three hour period of time over the weekend– it’s not a whole weekend-long event, so what we are really talking about here is staying on track for three hours.

If you think about sticking to your plan for three hours on a Sunday, it seems pretty simple, right?

But for some reason, the label changes everything.

Given that we know it’s just three hours, I want you to ask yourself what you want to do during that time?

You can choose to throw caution to the wind and just go for it– totally your choice.

But let me ask you what results that creates for you long-term?

Is three hours of eating and drinking worth an entire week of work it will take to “un-do” all of that damage?

If it’s not for you then decide NOW how you will show up on Sunday for the event.

What will you eat and drink?

Log it in your food journal now, and imagine being around a a massive buffet.

How do you want to think about your choices?

How do you want to eat today, tomorrow and leading up to the weekend to prepare for that day?

Do you want to save a few calories now so you can enjoy a little extra then?

You get to create the exact results you want for Superbowl– just like every other Sunday.

You get to choose.

What is your choice?

If you are struggling to stay consistent with your plan and you want to learn how to stop quitting on your plan– even on special occasions, then click here to schedule a breakthrough call with me.

Why I Want You to Eat MORE to Lose Weight

Over the last month I’ve had this conversation about a dozen times, so I figured it was time to write a blog since it sounds great, but seems so counter-intuitive.

Eat more to lose weight?

When clients start with me, I have them eat quite a bit of food.

They find this surprising because when they first start using food tracking apps like My Fitness Pal, and enter their calculations (height, weight, desired weight, etc.), the app calculations tells them to eat some pathetically low caloric number– like 1200 calories a day.

But starting out your diet at 1200 calories is a terrible idea, let me tell you why.

By starting your diet at 1200 calories, you may lose weight rapidly, and you may be so excited by the immediate results that you convince yourself it’s sustainable (which for the record– it’s not).

If you’re new here: the first rule of Weight Loss Rebels is we only do things to lose weight that we can stick with long-term (so 1200 calorie diets are O-U-T!).

Your body will notice the sudden decrease in energy (food intake/total calories for the day), and in order to preserve energy it will slow your metabolism down, so you burn fewer calories in a day (ever wonder why your Fitbit says you burned 2300 calories a day, you eat 1500 and aren’t losing weight? Ding, Ding, Ding!)

When your metabolism slows down, you then have to take extra measures to get results– eat fewer calories; exercise more, or both.

So if you are starting your plan at 1200 calories a day and after a few months you hit a plateau, then what?

You eat 1000 calories a day?

You exercise 7 days a week?

You lose your period?

No thanks! Not happening on my watch.

I have clients eat abundantly, log their food, and weigh every day so we can first understand where they are at metabolically.

If their metabolism is “normal” and they eat and burn 2000 calories a day without weight shifts, then I know I can put them into a solid deficit of 300-400 calories and they can lose weight by eating 1600-1700 calories.

This is great news because it means that they can still eat quite well for the first several weeks of their fat loss phase without cutting too much, and it gives us a lot of space for adjustments.

While I get that fast results can be alluring, let me ask you if you want to lose weight now or if you want to lose weight for good?

Losing weight for good requires investing time (and patience) to preserve your metabolism will be time well spent. Not only will your weight loss journey be a lot more pleasant, but you won’t have to be existing off celery juice to get results.

If you have been tempted to try a new quick fix this January, I’d invite you to consider that there is an alternative to the madness. If you’re interested in going at it on your own, then check out my getting started blog.

What if you’re ready to go all-in and you’d like the support of a coach to get to your goal? Click here to schedule a free break through session with me.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s Eat!