Have you ever had to untangle a garden hose?

It takes work, right?

I tried to wrap up a garden hose this morning, and it didn’t want to cooperate.

I felt like it was working against me- it kinked, it was in knots, and it took a lot of work to get it to a point where I could wrap it up neatly (ish).

As I was working on this hose, it got me thinking about changing habits.

When we want to change, our brains do not cooperate.

It feels like it’s working against us.

We get into knots because we want to do something different, but it’s natural tendency is to hold the kink.

Can we change it? Yes

Can we un-kink it? Yes

Does it take work? Yes

Is it impossible? No

The truth is, that anything we want in life will require us to change the thoughts in our brain. It’s totally doable, totally possible.

It takes work.

The work is worth it.

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