So let me guess, you’re at a conference, a family event, a church event, or a friend’s party… whatever. There is food, and the food is free!!!!

This can be a huge problem for people on a weight loss journey because for so many of us, when food is free, it’s suddenly interesting. You can have the best program in the world, but then… enter free food, and suddenly all of the thoughts come in… just this once… it’s free!… I don’t have this every day, so I can make an exception… yadda, yadda, yadda.

If you are eating food because it’s free, then I want you to think of it this way. What if I came up to you at the beginning of a 3 day conference, and asked you what your intention was for the event? You’d probably tell me that you’d want to learn something new, expand your network, or something else relevant to your job. You probably wouldn’t say that your goal would be to eat your face off and expand your waistline, or to eat so much that you have to wear your stretchy pants on the way home.

However, we act like because the food is out there we have no choice, our hands are tied, and so we may as well dive in– everyone else is doing it, right?

Let me tell you that there is another choice, and if you do what everyone else is doing, you will also share in their results (stretchy pants for the ride home). So here is your new approach…

Make the best choice in every situation. Perfection is never a requirement to get results, but progress is. What if instead of thinking you had to be perfect, you took a moment to pause– look at all of the options, and then made the best decision of what was available

Balance your plate with splurges and saves. Look at you plate and consider the balance of splurges vs. saves. You’ve surveyed the area and it looks like there are some veggies and chicken (saves) you can have for dinner, but there is a piece of chocolate cake (splurge) that looks amazing. Or maybe the dinner is lasagna (splurge) and you’d rather have a small portion of that with some salad (save) to have a balanced meal. Maybe you see cake too, but you are willing to have just a bite (save) instead of a whole piece (splurge). See what I mean– just balance it out.

Be willing to throw it away. Maybe you added food to your plate and then saw that healthier options were available at the end of the buffet. What do you do? So many people struggle with throwing food away, particularly when they’ve been raised with a “clean plate club” mentality, or were told that starving children wish they had food. But here’s the thing– you are either going to waste that food on your body or waste it in the trash. If you waste it in the trash, you are going to save yourself a whole lot of time.

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