Seeing is believing, right?

Or so we’re told.

That’s why when we haven’t done something before we tell ourselves we can’t.

We use evidence from the past to prove our future, which is crazy!

Would you tell a baby who falls down after a few steps “guess walking isn’t in the cards for you, kid”? No! You wouldn’t.

You would get that baby back up and teach it that when you fall down you get back up.

You have faith the kid can walk. And guess what– they do!

If you’ve wanted to do a marathon would you spend your time wringing your hands that you don’t know what to do? No! You’d get a plan and get running!

What if instead of seeing is believing you tried on the phrase, believing is seeing?

Think about your goal.

Visualize it in your head.

What would the you who already has accomplished the goal tell you?

What would she be thinking about you today?

Don’t wait another minute.

That version of you is waiting.

She wants to show up.

That means you have to show up for yourself.

The wisdom is within you.

You ready?

If you want help visualizing your goal, or you want more, but you don’t know where to start, schedule a solution session with me by clicking here. Your future self IS waiting!

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