There was a time when seeing a delicious treat like a Christmas cookie would stir immediate desire and anxiety within me.

I wanted it, but I’d have all the thoughts…

Sugar is bad.

I’ll get fat.

I won’t be able to stop myself!

My brain just couldn’t handle it.

So in my resolve to not embarrass myself publicly I’d refrain from the treats in front of others, looking like the poster child of strength and determination all the while knowing what was really going to happen.

I’d deprive myself,

Feel anxious

Soothe my woes with a binge. I

I’d feel guilty and humiliated and wondered why I couldn’t just be normal like everyone else and eat a freaking cookie!!!!!🤦🏻‍♀️

Can you relate???

Here’s what changed.

I started to notice what I was telling myself just before a binge.

Call it your subconscious, your lizard brain, your inner animal or pig, whatever works for you, but it’s that voice that rationalizes the behaviors you don’t really want to do.

It’s the voice that says – Start Monday- No one will know- You’re stressed out and deserve a treat.

Sound familiar?

When I learned to observe these thoughts and not obey them then everything changed. 🦄🪄

When we obey thoughts that don’t serve us, they grow stronger.

When we ask ourselves what we REALLY want in each moment and do that instead, we create change.

If this sounds like something you’ve struggled with then ask yourself TO-DAY: what do I really want?

Then start with one change that will get you there.

If you are ready to go from fear to freedom, then click this link to schedule a free solution session with me today.

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