If you’ve been in the habit of waking up with food guilt the day after a holiday or special event, I want to let you in on a secret of how to say goodbye to it forever.

First off, guilt is never the key to success.

Many people think it’s motivating to be upset with themselves when they mess up on their diet because then they are determined and focused.

Let me assure you– hating yourself all the way to your goal weight (or any goal, for that matter)- and feeling guilty all the way to your goal, only teaches you to feel more guilt!

Guilt is a feeling that we create with our thinking.

So if we are thinking thoughts that lead to guilt like,

  • I shouldn’t have had that
  • I always screw up my diet
  • I have no control

then we will stay stuck.

Instead, I want you to turn this around.

How I coach my clients on this is, next time you have a special event coming up, think about the thought you have right now that is leading to guilt, and use your thought as a question.

Think about yourself at the end of the day on your special event.

Instead of thinking “I shouldn’t have had that,” ask yourself, “what should I have?” or “what will I have wanted to have at the end of the day?”

Instead of thinking “I always screw up my diet” ask, “how can I be successful on my diet?” or “how can I do one thing better on my diet then I did last time?” Or even “what would it look like if I DIDN’T screw up my diet?”

Instead of saying “I have no control,” ask “what could help me feel in control?”

While these shifts seem subtle, they are powerful because they get you to start thinking differently about the situation.

And when you change your thinking here, you will open a whole new world of possibility.

Have a great day, friends.

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