Do you ever wake up and feel like something is wrong? Or maybe there’s something you know you need to do, but you are

Welcome to my Thursday

I woke up with a gnawing feeling.

And when gnawing happens I know it’s time to bust out the feelings wheel and pinpoint exactly what feeling is calling for my attention.

Today it’s worry.

I feel worry in my gut so sometimes I confuse it with hunger, but as soon as I was able to put my finger on it, the gnawing subsided.

For years I ate through these feelings– like I had to escape them.

But today I paused. I thought about how life is 50/50 positive and negative emotions.

How we can’t have yin without yang?

How we don’t need to fix negative feelings, but bring them along for the ride.

I thought about where I wanted to allow space for worry?

Do I want to put it in my pocket or handbag? Put it on my keychain? Wear it as a stone on a bracelet?

Today this stone is worry. I explain this because we often think negative feelings need to be fixed or resolved for life to “go right”. But what if instead we just needed negative feelings to be allowed?

When we allow all feelings, then we can literally solve all our problems because we know there is nothing to run from.

Nothing has gone wrong when the gnawing feeling comes. We just have to notice it, allow it, and make room for it to exist.

Negative feelings are only a problem when we try to avoid them, bury them with food or other substances.

As you go through your day and notice feelings, how do you think life would be different if instead of feeling them and eating, you felt them, paused, and just pretended that you could wrap that feeling up into a little box and bring it with you?

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