Let’s say you have an intention of eating healthy meals. You go to the store, you get all the food, you even prep your meals, but by the time lunch rolls around you are not wanting to eat chicken and broccoli (or your lunch of choice). However, you DO want to eat nachos.

You feel deprived. You feel bummed out. You want nachos!!!!

All feelings come from thoughts and sometimes making a shift from thinking “I feel deprived because I want nachos” to “I’m committed to my meal plan no matter what” doesn’t cut the mustard. Sometimes, I just want to eat some freaking nachos, or a milkshake and cookies, or whatever.

What if you thought of that feeling of deprivation or that feeling of being bummed like a heavy rock you had to carry with you in your handbag all day. It’s inconvenient, your bag is heavy, but you can still get through your day, right?

The same principle can apply for when we don’t feel like doing what we should do. Our brain likes to quit if that’s what we’ve done before, but what if we just brought the sucky feeling along for the ride? What if you just carried around that heavy rock?

Don’t get me wrong- you can totally use the model to change your thought here, too, but you don’t have to thought-swap your way out of every problem.
Think about it- what’s the worse that will happen? You eat a healthy lunch? You sit with a feeling of depravation for a few minutes? Guess what happens if you eat the nachos?

You feel deprived in the long run! You deprive yourself of your goal! You deprive yourself of skinny jeans or bikinis on the beach or whatever your goal may be!
I know this may at first be uncomfortable the first or tenth time you try it, but I promise you that being willing to feel discomfort is key to getting to your goal!

Have a great day, friends!❤️

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