As humans, the hardest thing to do is to change, right?

We all want to snap our fingers and POOF! 💨 We’re suddenly at our goal!🏆

The truth is that change is challenging because it requires you to become a new person.

You have to become the person who does the thing you want instead of being the person who wishes they had the thing.🤯

So let me ask you… who do you want to BE this year?
What is the 1️⃣ thing you are willing to change to become her?

I am only asking for one because one is all that is required for transformation to begin. 😊

So here are my Key’s to creating small habits for amazing transformations :

1️⃣Get Specific: I will workout 15 minutes 3 times a week; or I will calendar an hour every week to go grocery shopping so I always have healthy food options available; etc. Avoid generics here, things like “I will be healthier” or “I will love myself more”. While those things are good, how do you know once you’ve hit those goals? GET CRYSTAL CLEAR.

2️⃣On a confidence scale of 1-10, with 10 high, you are at least an 8 that you will get it done. You have to believe that you will stick with it. 👊 If you are less than an 8, revise the goal to something you WOULD stick with.

3️⃣Create an intention around your new habit that you focus on every day. Our brains want to focus only on what is easy and will offer you a million reasons why you shouldn’t stick with your goal. Your job is to talk back— successful people talk to themselves more than they listen to themselves.

4️⃣Evidence. Every day find evidence of what you did right. At the end of the day write down what went well, and keep a running list of what you are doing right so you can give your brain something new to focus on.

So start today, friends. Don’t wait another moment to make the change– your future self is waiting. If you need help getting clear feel free to DM me. ❤️

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