Let’s be honest, there is no class in school that teaches us how to process emotions.

We are raised to think that other people are responsible for our emotions– that their actions are what create our feelings, but the truth is our thinking creates our feelings.

Regardless of the source, if you are like most people, a feeling may arise within you and suddenly you want to hit the panic button.

Feelings may show up as tightness or pulsing. It may be in the belly, chest, or throat.

It feels like something has gone wrong because you cant describe it, so you use the tools you have to make it go away.

What is your tool?

Overdrinking, overeating, overspending?

Here’s the good news…

Feelings are just vibrations. The more we buffer (with over-anything) or distract, the more we drown out our signals and numb the real messages our body is telling us.

So what do we do if the only tool we have is buffering?

  1. Stop Buffering
  2. Allow the Feeling

Notice it.

Be Curious.

Ask yourself what you are thinking when you feel the vibration.

Where is it happening in your body?

What does the sensation feel like?

At first it may feel intolerable. But let it be, notice how it feels.

Imagine an ankle cramp.

What if I told you that the key to anything you want in life meant that you had to be willing to experience an ankle cramp for 15 minutes a day. Could you allow it?

Of course you could.

Every other feeling is exactly the same way.

Have a great day my friends. Go feel some feelings 🙂

If you’d like to dig deeper on how to feel your feelings, schedule a solution session with me by clicking here.

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