Special events, holidays, get-aways, vacations, your birthday are part of life. When you’re on a weight loss journey most people tend toward two extremes: avoiding or going-all-out.

When I was preparing for a bikini competition years ago, I was definitely an avoider, but when I didn’t have an immediate goal in front of me, I would easily let a night out, or weekend getaway undo a lot of hard work.

Sometimes I would even tell myself I would stay on track, but then as soon as I got to the airport I would start eating or drinking like a lunatic, and then it was a slippery slope from there. I felt guilty. I hated that I couldn’t keep my promise to myself!

It would take me a good week or two to get back into my routine and make progress again. While I thought I was giving myself relief in the moment by “not paying attention to food” I was only focusing on food, eating all of the things, and then in the end I felt horrible.

This wasn’t the result I wanted to create so I started applying my coaching strategies to my own weight loss and maintenance journey.

The method I created and am sharing below BLEW MY MIND because I suddenly felt amazingly confident about special events, and you can too!

Before you use this strategy, you have to decide on your outcome. What result do you want to create for this event? There is no right or wrong answer. You can choose to not follow your protocol and it’s totally fine, BUT you have to like your reason. If you want to stick to it, here is how you do it:

  1. List all events. If it’s a single evening, write down the stages of the evening/meal/event (happy hour, appetizers, dinner, dessert, post-dinner cocktails, etc). If there are multiple days, write down all of the events over the course of the several days AND write down all the times in between events that could be challenging (for example– evening out drinking is a splurge, but if you eat like crap for breakfast the next morning too when there is no reason to, then you’d list evening out and breakfast after evening out as a separate events). What is your total # of events?
  2. Create a strategy for each event. Really think about it– at the end of the event(s) what decision will your future self have wanted to make at this time? This does not mean that you only eat raw broccoli crudite and a grilled chicken breast (unless that’s something you totally love). My special event lists are usually something like: 1 drink, burger, salad, cake because me of the future would have wanted to have the cake. Honest cake is better than cheating on yourself with a late night pantry raid.
  3. What does success look like? If you nailed 50% of the events, isn’t that better than what you’ve done? How many events would your future self want to get right? The first time I did this I first said 70% would be good, then I decided 85%, and what I ultimately chose was 100% because I felt so amazing by sticking to my plan that I wanted to stick with it!
  4. Star each event when you follow your plan. You can keep your list on a piece of paper in your pocket, on your iphone notes, or a running tab in your head while you are at the event and then log it later. Then at the end, see how many events you starred. What was your goal?
  5. Celebrate! Notice that even if you improved 20% or 30%- progress is PROGRESS!

Once you’ve completed this strategy, I want you to think of all the times before when you would have just thrown in the towel. Regardless of your result with this strategy, can you see how much you improved just by being aware in this way?

I know this game-changing special events strategy will be an incredible success for you! Give it a shot, and DM me with your results, or tag me in a post

If you struggle with special events and need help taking this to the next level, you can schedule a solution session with me here.

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