When It’s All THEIR Fault

Life went wrong; it’s all their fault.

Is it true?

Did someone die?

Break your trust?

What are you making it mean?

Are you using it as a reason to stop showing up for yourself?

How long will you let it be their fault?

How long will you let them steal your life?

Sounds deep.

Be assured, the lesson is easy.

Someone else doing ANYTHING is not what causes our pain.

Our thoughts about what they are doing is what causes our pain.

What if you’ve been telling the story that you’re stuck because of THEM? Because of IT?

What if you were able to free yourself by accepting responsibility for your own emotions?

Would you be willing to believe that it’s even possible?

Brave girl, it’s time to move on.

Take back your power.

Take back your thoughts.

Put down your shield, and pick up your sword.

Your crown is waiting.