#1 Mistake People Make on Weight Loss

Head’s up- this is the first of a 3-part series on weight loss.

I failed at weight loss many times.

I’ve lost 80 pounds, but I didn’t lose it overnight.

I made many mistakes along the way, but here’s the good news: I got to my goal anyway.

So here is #1 mistake I see people make when they are trying to lose weight…

Their WHY isn’t bigger than their WANT

Every time I’ve been serious about losing weight and I’ve made massive progress it’s happened because I’ve been all-in, 100% committed to the goal: I had a HUGE WHY!

In my coaching practice I talk with clients a lot about commitment because there is a HUGE difference between wanting something and committing to it.

If I want something, that’s great! I wanted to be thin when I was over 200 pounds. But wanting is just a thought, just an idea.

Commitment is different. Commitment means that I am taking consistent action to get to my goal even when...

Even When… It’s cold outside and I don’t want to stay in bed instead of workout;

Even When… I went away for the weekend and didn’t feel like going to the grocery store to have healthy food at home;

Even When… My boss yells at me;

Even When… I’m stressed out;

Even When… I have a fight with a family member;

Even When… I’m bloated…

You see where I’m going here. Even When is EVERY EXCUSE we give ourselves to let ourself off the hook to our commitment.

So how do you know you’ve got a strong enough commitment? How do you know that you are committed and don’t just want something?

You know you are committed when your WHY is bigger than your WANT!

You have to have a BIG WHY because I’ll be honest– there are days when you will WANT:

  • All the Chips
  • All the Ice Cream
  • All the Donuts
  • To eat because it’s your period
  • Stress Eat
  • Emotionally Eating
  • Eat all the things and all the flavors, textures, etc.

You have to be willing to allow the WANT urges.

You have to have a compelling reason to keep you focused even when the going gets tough.

When I was at various stages of my weight loss journey I envisioned different events to stay focused on my goal:

  • An image of myself crossing a finish line ;
  • An image of me running on the beach in a bikini;
  • An image of being on a stage, posing in a bikini competition.

All of these events required commitment.

So before you get started, truly ask yourself why this all matters? Why do you want to lose weight? And are you willing to allow all of the urges to come up and be there?

Are you willing to be committed even when?

What is your BIG WHY?

If you are, and you are ready to take this work to the next level, you can book a mini-session with me here: Wendy Pardue Solution Session