How To Build Trust With Yourself

Learning to trust yourself, honor your word, and do things you say you will do is the best gift you can give yourself and others.

It sounds great, right?

Wouldn’t we all LOVE if we stuck to our guns, and as soon as we had an idea to make a change, and made consistent progress until we got to our goal?

But it doesn’t always work out that way because we are human beings, and in order to learn new habits and behaviors, we have to train ourselves to actually DO things differently and BE the person who does the thing we want.

When I wanted to be a woman who had lost 80 pounds, I had to act like a woman who lost 80 pounds, which meant that I had to keep showing up every day even when… even the day after I ate my face off.

If you have quit 10 x, 100 x, 1000 x, you have created a lot of evidence for yourself that you CAN’T do x. But let me tell you something– it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve tried and failed. All that matters is that you keep trying.

Here’s the thing– whenever we look at goals, they can seem impossible because they are so huge! They can be so BIG and MASSIVE we tell ourselves we don’t know where to start.

What if you took a step back, and instead looked at the one thing you needed to change today to get to that goal?

What if instead of looking at your journey as one large goal, you looked at it as several small goals or habits that are manageable? What if you just started with 1 thing? How would that be different for you?

Here’s what you do– start with one goal:

Lose 1 pound

Walk 1 minute

Make 1 dollar

Smoke 1 less cigarette a day

Have 1 less cocktail

Apply to 1 job.

It doesn’t have to be a huge effort, it just has to be SOMETHING. Decide what you will do, and commit to it even when… you don’t feel like it, your kids are sick, your boss yells at you, it’s raining, etc.

It all starts with commitment– even when the commitment is small . When we commit we decide that we are going to go all in. We decide we will stick with it, even when…

You can start today by setting an intention and following it through. Start small, but just get started, then move onto the bigger things. You will not be perfect. That doesn’t matter. Just keep going!❤️