Are You Gambling With Your Weight Loss?

On Valentine’s Day I bought everyone on my team a lottery ticket.

We were already planning to do a cute card exchange a-la third grade, but I thought it would be fun to throw a lotto ticket in their basket, too.

The whole day there was a buzz about the tickets!

  • What people would do if they won?
  • How many people lose their lotto winnings?
  • The likelihood of winning the lotto versus getting struck by lightning, etc.

Here’s the interesting thing– we all know the chances of winning the lottery are ridiculously slim, yet still we play anyway.

It got me thinking about weight loss.

Somebody’s gotta win! We tell ourselves when we play the lotto.

The diet version of that phrase therefore has to be It worked for Sharon! (or name of other co-worker/random person on Instagram).

One thing I see a lot in my practice is women hopping from diet to diet because they think that the next one will be the magic bullet that they will suddenly stick with for good.

In my weight loss master class, I explain that all diets work because they create a caloric deficit, but that the diet you should choose is the one that fits your life.

What if you believed me?

Let’s say instead of playing the lotto quick picks, I was actually giving you the winning numbers, all you had to do was patiently keep playing them?

Here’s the good news– I am!

When clients work with me, the first thing we determine is how to create a deficit while eating as much as they can so they can get results for good.

They are successful because they commit to the process instead of hopping from plan-to-plan, and therefore lose weight.

If you’ve been gambling with your weight loss and randomly throwing your keto-friendly spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks, wouldn’t you rather go all-in on what you know is scientifically proven to create results?

I would!

Join me on this journey by scheduling your free breakthrough session with me, where we will uncover how to switch your journey from trying quick picks to playing only the winning numbers.

Girl, Eat That Chocolate!

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day or Galentine’s Day this year, I have a message for you…

Just eat the chocolate.

I remember how I used to fret over V-Day chocolate, and would just ask for flowers when I really wanted See’s maple pecan bon bons, white chocolate apple pie, and hazelnut truffles.

Why feel deprived when what you want is totally available to you?

The problem is that many people tell themselves terrible thoughts like:

  • Sugar is the devil
  • If I have one, I will eat them all
  • I can’t eat that and lose weight
  • That’s not good for me

For the record, I don’t ever remember hearing the news story about the girl who ate a piece of chocolate and immediately died, gained 30 pounds or got pregnant, so take a breath.

Ask yourself what you would enjoy having on Valentine’s Day?

Eating a whole cake or box of chocolates to drown your sorrows is obviously not going to bring you joy, so really think about it.

How many chocolates would you really enjoy? Three? Five?

Decide now, plan in advance, and have what you love.

This is a powerful activity that reprograms your brain for success!

By enjoying the treats you’ve planned to have when you typically eat ALL the treats because you don’t “allow yourself” to have them, you train your brain to learn that you are the one who is in control- not the food.

Each time you practice this activity, your ability to decide to enjoy what you want gets stronger– your trust in yourself grows, you prove that you can follow through on your intentions.

Who doesn’t want more of that?

You, my beautiful Rebel deserve indulgence, so do yourself a favor and eat the chocolate.

If this is an area you are struggling with and you want to learn how to quit extreme eating, and create sustainable results, then click here to schedule a free breakthrough session with me.

How to Handle a Superbowl Buffet Like a Boss

Do you know that there is more guacamole eaten on Superbowl Sunday than even on Cinco de Mayo?

I don’t know about you, but when I used to think about all the food on Superbowl Sunday, I’d get a migraine trying to figure out how to stick to a plan amidst the sea of chips and queso.

I’ve totally been there, and my plan for Superbowl Sunday is to get results, so let me show you how.

First off– Superbowl Sunday is a three hour period of time over the weekend– it’s not a whole weekend-long event, so what we are really talking about here is staying on track for three hours.

If you think about sticking to your plan for three hours on a Sunday, it seems pretty simple, right?

But for some reason, the label changes everything.

Given that we know it’s just three hours, I want you to ask yourself what you want to do during that time?

You can choose to throw caution to the wind and just go for it– totally your choice.

But let me ask you what results that creates for you long-term?

Is three hours of eating and drinking worth an entire week of work it will take to “un-do” all of that damage?

If it’s not for you then decide NOW how you will show up on Sunday for the event.

What will you eat and drink?

Log it in your food journal now, and imagine being around a a massive buffet.

How do you want to think about your choices?

How do you want to eat today, tomorrow and leading up to the weekend to prepare for that day?

Do you want to save a few calories now so you can enjoy a little extra then?

You get to create the exact results you want for Superbowl– just like every other Sunday.

You get to choose.

What is your choice?

If you are struggling to stay consistent with your plan and you want to learn how to stop quitting on your plan– even on special occasions, then click here to schedule a breakthrough call with me.

Why I Want You to Eat MORE to Lose Weight

Over the last month I’ve had this conversation about a dozen times, so I figured it was time to write a blog since it sounds great, but seems so counter-intuitive.

Eat more to lose weight?

When clients start with me, I have them eat quite a bit of food.

They find this surprising because when they first start using food tracking apps like My Fitness Pal, and enter their calculations (height, weight, desired weight, etc.), the app calculations tells them to eat some pathetically low caloric number– like 1200 calories a day.

But starting out your diet at 1200 calories is a terrible idea, let me tell you why.

By starting your diet at 1200 calories, you may lose weight rapidly, and you may be so excited by the immediate results that you convince yourself it’s sustainable (which for the record– it’s not).

If you’re new here: the first rule of Weight Loss Rebels is we only do things to lose weight that we can stick with long-term (so 1200 calorie diets are O-U-T!).

Your body will notice the sudden decrease in energy (food intake/total calories for the day), and in order to preserve energy it will slow your metabolism down, so you burn fewer calories in a day (ever wonder why your Fitbit says you burned 2300 calories a day, you eat 1500 and aren’t losing weight? Ding, Ding, Ding!)

When your metabolism slows down, you then have to take extra measures to get results– eat fewer calories; exercise more, or both.

So if you are starting your plan at 1200 calories a day and after a few months you hit a plateau, then what?

You eat 1000 calories a day?

You exercise 7 days a week?

You lose your period?

No thanks! Not happening on my watch.

I have clients eat abundantly, log their food, and weigh every day so we can first understand where they are at metabolically.

If their metabolism is “normal” and they eat and burn 2000 calories a day without weight shifts, then I know I can put them into a solid deficit of 300-400 calories and they can lose weight by eating 1600-1700 calories.

This is great news because it means that they can still eat quite well for the first several weeks of their fat loss phase without cutting too much, and it gives us a lot of space for adjustments.

While I get that fast results can be alluring, let me ask you if you want to lose weight now or if you want to lose weight for good?

Losing weight for good requires investing time (and patience) to preserve your metabolism will be time well spent. Not only will your weight loss journey be a lot more pleasant, but you won’t have to be existing off celery juice to get results.

If you have been tempted to try a new quick fix this January, I’d invite you to consider that there is an alternative to the madness. If you’re interested in going at it on your own, then check out my getting started blog.

What if you’re ready to go all-in and you’d like the support of a coach to get to your goal? Click here to schedule a free break through session with me.

Happy New Year Everyone! Let’s Eat!

“Why Is My Weight Always a Struggle?”

If you’re asking yourself this question, then I want to stop, drop and roll. Not really, but I do want you to read this.

Let’s say New Years comes and you plan on losing weight– you set a goal, maybe you enlist some friends so you have accountability.

Things go well initially, but then you notice that after a few weeks the weight loss slows, your body is getting tired from working out, and your enthusiasm is waning as soon as Superbowl approaches.

Even with your best intentions (cutting up celery sticks for yourself at parties) ,you find yourself reverting to old behaviors and elbows deep in queso and cocktails, beating yourself up the next day for “blowing it again.”

I can tell you why!

Your brain is in the business of working efficiently and keeping you safe. Whatever you’ve done to this point in your life is effortless now because you’ve done it so many times you don’t even have to think about it– autopilot!

When you attempt to change, your brain has to do something different than what it’s used to, which will set off alarms for safety and efficiency.

To go from autopilot (and staying stuck at your current weight) to getting to your goal, you will have to experience what John Assaraf refers to in his book Innercise as “switch cost.” Which is the discomfort you will have to feel doing something that feels foreign and awkward until it becomes a new habit, in order to get your desired result.

Here’s your work: You have to decide what you want more. Do you want to stay comfortable, or do you want your goal? If your goal has a compelling reason behind it then sticking with it will be a lot easier, but there will still be times when your brain will want to revert back to comfort.

Where many people get this wrong is that they think that because they overate after telling themselves they wouldn’t that they are not meant to lose weight. That’s actually not true at all. All that happened was their brain went back into it’s more experienced routine.

Here’s how to change: You have to be willing to experience discomfort, and also understand that discomfort is just a feeling, like any other emotion.

What if I told you you had to feel inconvenienced to get to your goal weight, or sadness even. But that the more you allowed it, and learned to stick to your goal while the feeling existed that eventually the feeling would go away?

What if getting to your goal was just a matter of feeling your feelings?

What if it is?

Are you willing?

If getting to your goal has always been a struggle, and you want to change, then it’s totally possible for you.

I truly believe that anything worth dreaming about is worth having.

If you are ready to step into your power, and get to your goal weight for good, I’d invite you to do this work.

Schedule your free 45 minute break through session with me by clicking here!

You become what you think about all the time. And if you can’t stop wondering what your life would be like if you got to your goal weight for good, then give yourself the gift of doing this work.

I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

Is Low Carb Superior to Low Fat for Weight Loss?

With all of the information available about diets these days, it’s no wonder that people are so confused about what to eat when it comes to weight loss.

While everyone is toting the health benefits of green tea, acai berries, coconut and MCT oils whilst demonizing carbs, flour, and sugar– most people are stuck in a catch-22: wanting to both lose weight and be healthy while also managing a lifestyle they enjoy.

One of the things I believe in 100% is providing data to my clients (and the world in general) about what science says about weight loss.

A study was recently done following 609 participants on a weight loss journey. The intent of the study was to prove that a low carb diet was superior to low fat diets because of their anti-inflammatory properties.

What the study concluded was that regardless of whether people at a low fat or a low carb diet, they got results when they followed the plan.

What this means for those of us living in the real world is that we need not be overwhelmed with sales and marketing pitches on the latest and greatest diet fads, but we DO need follow a plan we can stick with that gets results.

What that means is we can put the question of whether or not a low carb or low fat diet is superior to rest!

Yes to both!

They both work!

Which one can you stick with FOR GOOD!

When it comes to weight loss many times we want to take the road of quick results because we think that faster is better– we think a weight loss journey is like sitting in traffic– long and boring.

But when it comes to LASTING results, slow and steady actually is what helps people KEEP the results they have because they learn how to adopt new habits they can maintain long-term!

If you’re curious about how to get started, I recommend checking out one of my previous posts: 

The Best Weight Loss Method. Period.

If you are still confused and would like some extra support getting to you goal, feel free to reach out and click here to schedule a free 30 minute consult with me.

I help high performing women get to and stay at their goal weight for good, so they can truly step into their power and live their dream life. If this is work you’d like to do, then don’t waste another day in confusion. Click here for clarity.

Have a great day!

How to Get Over Food Fears!

I recently saw that Krispy Kreme launched a seasonal Reese’s Peanut Butter cup donut, and I’ll be honest, I couldn’t wait to get in and try it– what can I say, I’m a sucker for seasonal goodies. 😬

I even did a video on it on my Insta, in case you want to check it out.

I wanted to share this with you because I used to really freak out about eating donuts, and it got me thinking a lot about FEAR FOOD!

Quick story time…

When I was in high school, and over 200 pounds, I remember sneaking donuts, cookies and brownies from grocery store bakeries and eating them as quickly as I could before I got home.

Because of my weight, my mother was always putting me on a diet, so whenever my mom would catch me enjoying one of these foods, I would get repremanded.

I felt so much shame.

All I really wanted to do was to eat, and to eat without being judged. So whenever I was alone I would eat and eat and eat and became a secret binge eater.

Initially when I lost weight I did it by highly restricting my food.

There were years when I didn’t eat donuts, cake, or sweets at all because I was afraid that if I “slipped” I would go right back to my old ways.

Eventually, when I did have them again, I DID go back to my old ways because I was still afraid.

I had hated myself thin, so in my pursuit of perfection, having one of anything (cookie, donut, cake) off of my plan meant for me that I was a failure, I was doing it wrong, and I had no control.

This is why I am so committed to teaching women about losing weight with a maintenance mindset, and to ditch their all-or-nothing thinking when it comes to their goals.

Over time, I learned through flexible dieting, that by incorporating delicious treats (like the Reese’s donuts mentioned above) with an already well-balanced plan, MASSIVELY reduced my desire for binge eating, and actually helped me get to my weight loss goal because I was actually MORE compliant on my plan than when I tried to restrict certain foods.

So, I’m curious… how do you handle foods like this?

Do you restrict because you think eating just one will “set you off” and that you’ll be unable to control yourself?

Do you include treats on a regular basis?

If you’re anything like I used to be, then you know what it’s like to live in fear, and to worry that you “can’t handle” having one.

Maybe you tell yourself that you can’t tolerate carbs.

Maybe you tell yourself that gluten (and you’re not a celiac) and sugar are poison.

I get it.

I used to think that too.

What changed for me is that I noticed that by fearing foods, I actually gave THEM the power.

I made food sacred, and gave it control over me.

By allowing ALL food, and re-creating my relationship with all foods, I found peace with food and enjoyment with it.

My mission is to empower women because, friends, this doesn’t have to be a struggle.

Click the link here to set up a time to talk to me.

I offer a free 30 minute solution session to anyone who is curious about how to get to their goal weight, but is struggling to quit fearing food.

If it has been a struggle for you, then please know I am here.

I got you.

Thanksgiving Intention

Happy Thanksgiving!
I know, it’s technically tomorrow, but if you’re anything like me, your brain is going a 1000 miles a minute getting ready for the big day. 🙂

So take a deep breath. Relax.

And tell me, what is your Thanksgiving Day plan?

We all get to decide:
1. We can do nothing and create results that we’ve created in the past.
2. We can set an intention to make this Thanksgiving whatever we want (including, creating THE BEST THANKSGIVING DAY EVER!!!!).

If you selected option 2, then keep reading.

When people think about making a plan, sometimes they go to extremes, thinking they have to have a perfect food plan that fits within their dietary structure.

But what if instead, your intention this Thanksgiving was simply something like:
Showing up for yourself with love.

What would that look like?

What would your compassionate future self say to you for this one day?

Would she say, “go all out, eat everything?”
Would she say, “be gracious, and enjoy in moderation?”
Would she say, “practice kindness to yourself, it’s just one meal?”

Here’s the thing– there are no right or wrong answers here. You get to decide exactly what you want for yourself.

What if you just wanted this Thanksgiving to be 5% better than last year? (Remember: this is totally an option– click here to get my Special Occasion Solution, which will help guide you on doing this holiday with intention!)

Decide today what you want for yourself, and follow the wisdom of your future self. She is always right.

When my clients learn to tune into their future selves, it is like they flip a switch, and they move from indecision (which for many turned into binge eating) during the holidays to 100% love, and navigating holiday events while still getting results!

If are unsure of how to get there, click here to schedule a solution session with me, where I can help you get 100% clear on your goals.

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, friends!

P.S.- I did a Facebook Live this week on How to Stop Letting Your Past Run You! If you’d like to watch it, click here. If you’d like to follow me on social media, Your can like my Facebook Page: or follow me on Instagram:

How to Stop Eating Your Way Through The Holiday Season Like a Psychotic Lunatic!

When I was really struggling to lose weight, I had a love/hate relationship with the holidays because for me, the holidays were ALL ABOUT FOOD!

While I always loved making a jack-o-lantern, and decorating a Christmas tree, as a kid I always looked forward to holiday baking and all the FOOD that suddenly appeared seemingly from out of nowhere.

While I modestly hated the feeling of my clothes getting tighter, I loved the holidays because it was like there was now an allowable reason for me to overeat. All the time.

It’s like as soon as Labor Day was over, and it was officially fall– game on!

If you start to get a gnawing sensation in your gut with the anticipation of the holidays because you’re already seeing the Halloween candy in the stores, then I want to share with you about how to flip this switch, and break out of psychotic lunatic holiday eating for good.

For me, it would all start with the cookies– pumpkin shaped sugar cookies for Halloween, then Halloween candy, then anything baked with pumpkin, then anything with pecans, then anything with chocolate, mint, booze, wine, champagne, and you get it.

By the time New Years Day came around I was hiding from the scale and shamefully shuffling my 10-pound heavier self back to Weight Watchers in my stretchy pants– not just because they were the lightest thing in my closet, but because it was all that fit.

When I really got serious about losing weight, I learned that while it was great to enjoy foods I don’t typically get to have, there was a point where the enjoyment of eating shifted to hating myself and F-it eating, or eating simply because I’d blown it.

There were times when I’d go to a party and because it was “the holidays” I’d use that as a reason to go into a fog. I’d say I was “giving myself the night off”, but the truth was I was just using it as an excuse to disconnect from the discomfort I felt from being a responsible adult who manages her mind.

This is how it would look.

I’d go to a party, tell myself it was “the holidays”, have a glass of wine, a plate or two of appetizers, then another glass of wine.

Then I’d have another glass of wine, pick at more appetizers and have another glass of wine.

By then I had a solid buzz, and even though I was still aware, I’d tell myself that I’d start again tomorrow, and have 10 desserts, and pretty much eat until I was so stuffed that I had to lay on my side to relieve myself of the discomfort.

Eating to this point was never fun, and never made me feel more “in the holiday spirit.”

Instead I’d wake up the next day feeling like a total loser, and eating like a bird for the following week so I could slide back into Weight Watchers the following week without gaining “too much.” Then strategically plan my next weigh in to be the morning of the next holiday party so I’d once again have another reason to recover.

Looking back, I KNOW that using “the holidays” as a reason to overeat was why I always gained weight from September through January. I hated being stuck and feeling like I could never lose weight, but I also loved letting myself off the hook because in the moment it felt good, it felt like relief, and my brain loved it!

You see, our brains love doing what they’ve always done– they are efficient, and when we have been in the habit of doing the same thing for years, making a change takes significant effort. I’ll be honest– it’s hard. But for every part of hard you experience, I can assure you there is 10x the amount of reward on the other side.

So here’s the million dollar question– how do you stop?

First off, you decide what you want more.

What do you want January 1st? We have a whole season, a whole quarter ahead of us. 90 days is all the time it takes for people to make change– even for those of us who are slow 😉

So decide today. Are you going to gain weight, maintain weight, or lose weight?

It’s totally your choice.

Now what will you COMMIT to doing through the holidays to get your result?

(i.e. I will commit to writing down my food every day even if I go over my macros/calories/Points; I will commit to working out 5 times a week; I will commit to eating only one serving of dessert at each holiday event, I will commit to eating only x pieces of holiday candy, etc.)

More importantly what will you COMMIT to NOT DOING during the holidays?

(i.e. I will NOT use a holiday party as a reason to throw in the towel on my whole day; I will NOT use candy at my office as a reason to overeat; I will NOT overeat on any food I can get any other time of the year just because it’s in a seasonal wrapper, etc.)

Now I want to offer a sample intention for you to take with you. You can create your own, but I’m sharing these to get you thinking

I will NEVER quit on my commitment

I am 100% committed to hitting my goal

I am a badass who shows up for every workout

Or my friend, Dave’s saying “F*ck it! I’m going all in!”

I am sharing these with you because we like to let ourselves off the hook with our intentions. We like to say things like “I’ll try to stick to my plan” or “It’s possible to stick to a plan.” While these are good thoughts, there is no accountability. If you are only trying, then some days you may not be trying. Or you could say you tried and it didn’t work.

If you tell yourself I Never quit on my commitment; I AM committed; This is happening; I ONLY work toward results, then you OWN your goal. Create a goal with feeling– something that resonates in your bones, heats your belly, stirs your heart– something that GETS you going.

Honor your commitment, and tell yourself your intention every day, every hour, every minute, or any time you sense your brain wanting to let you off the hook.

Here’s the good news– you can still 100% enjoy every holiday event and lose weight! It’s totally possible. Yes, even holiday parties! Check out my Special Occasion Strategy for more details on how to nail every social occasion from now through New Years!

If you’d love to make progress on your weight goals this holiday season, but want support getting there, book a free 30-minute solution session with me where I can show you exactly what you need to do to get results.

How to Break Through a Plateau

Someone asked me the other day how to break through a plateau, so I wanted to offer some thoughts to those of you who are stuck.

But first, let me ask a question. Have you been consistent with your plan, or are you “stuck” because you’re not following your program and are looking for a way to lose weight fast?

A lot of people think they are stuck, but don’t follow their protocol 100% and then wonder why they aren’t getting results.

If this is you, then you have to decide if you just WANT to lose weight (you like the idea of it) or you’re COMMITTED to losing weight (meaning you’re willing to take action).

If you’re not sure how to lose weight, see my previous post here.

If you have 100% been following a program, and are not getting results, here are some things you can try to get the scale moving again:

Eat Less

Exercise More

I know you are probably rolling your eyes, but it’s true. Weight loss happens when we are in a caloric deficit. End of story.

Here are some questions I ask my clients when we are discussing plateaus:

Are you consistent with your plan? Y/N
Are you only eating mindfully according to your protocol and avoiding overeats? Y/N
Do you measure portions? Y/N
Are you accurate tracking your food? Y/N
Are you pre-planning your meals? Y/N
Are you sleeping adequately? Y/N
Are you drinking enough water in the day? Y/N

Look at the questions above, and if there is an area where you’ve honestly said no– then you know where you need to focus.

What about HIIT workouts? People think they need to do HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training) workouts when they are on a plateau. HIIT workouts burn more calories than traditional steady-state workouts and often keep heart rate elevated longer after exercise, so there is an overall increased calorie burn in the day (i.e.- increased caloric deficit).

Here’s where people get it wrong- they incorporate a HIIT workout and then eat a pint of B&Js. No– just don’t. Swapping your walk on the treadmill for a HIIT workout could do the trick– adding in extra food BECAUSE you’re working out, not so much.

What about eating less? If you are maintaining your intake over a period of time or eating consistent portions of the same food, and haven’t seen the scale move in over two weeks, then it may be time to drop things down a smidge. If you are practicing intuitive eating, this may also mean allowing yourself to be hungry or eating to satisfaction, not stuffed.

People don’t like this answer, or will misinterpret to think they suddenly need to eat 1000 calories a day to lose weight– don’t be that person. Be realistic. Dropping a small portion, an extra snack, or an 100-200 calories a day from your total daily intake if you’re tracking should get the job done. Drop it, be consistent, check again in two weeks.

What about undereating? Believe it or not, this too may be a problem if you’ve been dieting for an extended period of time. If you’ve been undereating and can’t seem to lose weight on very low calories, then you may need to do a reverse diet to improve your metabolic capacity.

Be Honest. I used to stick to my diet perfectly during the week and then eat like a drunken sailor one day a week and would tell myself something was wrong with my metabolism because I didn’t get results. NOTHING was wrong with my metabolism, but binge eating and excessive overeating was keeping me stuck. Be honest with your eating habits.

If you’d like more information on how to break through your plateau, click here to schedule a solution session with me.