Happy Wednesday (or whatever day of the week it is when you land on this blog)!

Today I am talking about the best weight loss method. Period.

There is a short and a long response for this– I’ll give you both.

Short answer: The best weight loss method is the one you can stick with FOR GOOD!

Long answer:

As someone who has lost over 70 pounds and kept it off for nearly 2 decades I have tried it all.

I see a lot of people who are lured into doing diets that get results fast because they think that as soon as they lose this weight, they can go back to “normal”.

I get it, I’ve thought that before during one of my failed 21-day juice detoxes.

Here’s the truth– whatever you do to lose weight, must be maintainable for the long-term unless you actually want to regain weight, which I don’t think anyone does.

I know it can be alluring to think that you will do a 1000-calorie a day keto diet with intermittent fasting to get to your goal quickly because you’ve outgrown your yoga pants during the quarantine, but before you do this let me offer something for your consideration…

How much time have you spent over the years doing quick-fix diets?

If you had to tally the amount of time you spent doing things you thought would get results fast, how many times would you be multiplying 21 and 30 days in your head?

If I look back at my dieting history I have easily spent 2 years doing “fixes.”

What if instead of doing fixes, you decided to commit to the ultimate solution– the one you stick with for good?

When you commit to the solution you can stick with for good its a game-changer because you become the one who decides whether or not something is in your plan, worth a splurge, worth the save, and all the other decisions that we make about our nutrition that we have previously outsourced.

When clients work with me, Week 1 we decide what their protocol will be, and when we do, I have 3 criteria that they have to consider when we are putting together their plan.

  1. Enjoyable– They have to enjoy the food their eating, and not be including nonsense food they secretly despise because its “part of the plan.” If you hate your plan, you will quit, so start with enjoyment in mind.
  2. Effective- The plan has to get results. So while you may enjoy eating chocolate cake all day, you may find that after a week, it doesn’t get you the results you want, so you decide to balance it out with some other foods and have chocolate cake once a day or week instead of all day, and the results come. If you aren’t getting results, you will be frustrated, so finding a balance between enjoyment and effectiveness is the sweet spot.
  3. Sustainable- Consider the long-game. Many people think that because they saw a 1200 calorie diet that some celebrity did that they should do the the same. My question to that person would be “are you willing to enjoy that for the rest of your life?” I would them ask them what their plan is when the 1200 calorie diet stops working? Are they going to cut to 900 calories? Sustainability is the true secret because it’s the reality check that reminds us that we aren’t just losing weight for now, we are losing weight FOR GOOD.

How this plays out is in my practice is that I have clients choose exactly what they want to eat based on their goals, they log their food, and we evaluate their progress each week. If we run into a sticking point, whether physical or psychological, we go back to the three: did they enjoy their food, or did they fill their day with diet foods, then feel deprived and then cheat; did they get results, if not we evaluate their macro-intake for the week along with their food choices to see how to get results next week; did they try to “cheat the system” by eating super low calories that week because they wanted fast results, if so, they get back to their usual plan.

If you’ve read this far and you are working on your own weight loss journey, I’d encourage you to take a few moments to see if your plan hits all 3 criteria and ask yourself if you plan is enjoyable, effective and sustainable? If not, then consider making a shift.

If this is an area where you need some support, feel free to schedule some time with me to see what you can change to get your plan dialed in.

Remember, we don’t want to just lose weight now, we want to lose weight for good.

Have a great day!

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