When I Lose Weight (get the right job, meet the right guy… it all applies)…

I’ll Be More Confident

Be Happy

Buy Cute Clothes

Have you ever said any of these things to yourself? I have!

What if you aren’t taking action on your goals, so you don’t have to do any of those things now?

Why would I say that?

Because weight loss isn’t a requirement to do ANY of the things listed above!

You can be more confident, be happy, and buy cute clothes today.

Confidence and happiness come from our thinking. Clothes come from Nordstrom (or Target, no judgement 😉 ).

Here’s the thing. If you are not managing your mind today at your current weight, then you will wake up at your goal weight thinking and feeling the same way.

Have you ever noticed how people will lose weight and then just want to lose 5 pounds more? It’s because they didn’t prepare themselves for the day they wake up and hit that goal!

So think about what brings you confidence. What makes you happy now?

Notice how it feels in your body. Pick one of the feelings. Think about it.

Is your heart warm?

Do you shoulders feel lifted?

Are you smiling?

Now think about your weight. Think about your job. Your relationships.

What is a believable thought you can have that would get you a step closer to confident or happy or the desired feeling you’re striving for?

One of the thoughts I anchored to when I was trying to lose weight was “I am a badass 123.4 pound woman who takes care of her shit.” When I thought that, I felt confident and vibrating.

I didn’t believe it right away, so I had other iterations I could believe that created feelings of confidence:

  • I am becoming a 123.4 pound woman;
  • I honor my commitments to myself;
  • I show up for my plan;
  • I take action every day– you can see every intention I created in my Massive Action March posts on Instagram and Facebook. I literally had a thought posted every day.

What is a thought that will get you to your impossible goal?

Do you believe it?

What would you be willing to believe today that would be one step closer?

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