My Approach

What makes my program unique is that it’s not MY program, it’s yours. I help each client learn how to create a sustainable, realistic, fun and effective plan based on foods they love.

It all starts with a free 30-minute consultation where I help them understand what is keeping them from their goal, and how to flip the switch to move into their dream come true.

In our session, we discuss exactly what my clients want and why. We then discuss why this is a problem and create a vision for how their life will be different once they have achieved the results they want.

So many of my clients haven’t allowed themselves to dream really big. They have such a strong desire to overcome their struggles, and after our session, they can start to see that achieving their goals is possible. Everything they want is totally available to them.

I help them see what is keeping them back and show them how life can be when they truly allow themselves to dream.

I’ve created a 12-week program where I teach my clients how to: